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Multi-Touch Monitors

Evoluce offers multi-touch display solutions, transparent LCD´s and Software for Kinect for Windows. The latest generation of Evoluce large format displays from the E-VOLUCE and I-VOLUCE Series enable true multi-touch and precise gesture control performance. Users of Evoluce software applications for Kinect for Windows experience gesture control computing with natural user interaction. 3D depth-sensing technologies and intelligent software applications transform how people interact with computers.

Transparent LCD Displays - The future of retail

See-through LCD panels can be integrated into store windows, display  cases, billboards, and more to make static words and images more  kinetic. Products can be placed behind a clear screent that shows advertising. Transparent LCD panels are a tool to make your advertising more dynamic. Evoluce presents the future of retail space with a transparent LCD panel that can be used to dramatically enhance kiosks, store windows, and billboards with text and images that do fancy tricks like  rotate and fade in and out rather than just sit there. Think bus shelters  with see-through walls displaying scrolling schedules and clothing shop windows that feature models sashaying down the catwalk. more

Projection Displays

high end screens up to 200” diagonal more
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Online Store for Kinect for Windows Software

Thousands of users downloaded Apps for Kinect for Windows from our Online Store so far. Our applications are easy to install and to use. Just upload your images, videos and powerpoint presentations and control them with simple hand gestures. All you need is a PC and the Kinect for Windows sensor. As the only Kinect for Windows hardware partner we offer gesture computing solutions that combine multi-touch on monitors up to 84″ with touchless gesture control software. Our transparent LCD panels present your products behind the screen with a great effect, especially when you interact with moving content on the display via gestures. more

True Multi-touch & Gesture Computing


All models are vertical screens with Full HD LCD display quality in  sizes ranging from 32”-82”. The advanced slim display-design is ideal for large interactive installations. The I-VOLUCE Series can be easily mounted and used for areas such  as: Business, Office, Retail, Digital Signage, Exhibitions, Gaming,  Museums, Medical and Education.  The units fast response driver software detects up to 32 touch points simultaneously. It supports full multi-touch functionality of Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 and all standard interfaces. Our LCD’s scratch-resistant glass provides premiere haptics to guarantee a smooth interaction. more

Minority Report Interfaces comes finally true !

Evoluce presented at the RTT Excite a “Minority-Report”-like software for the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Objects on the screen can be dragged and dropped by simple hand gestures in the air. By closing his hand the user grabs an object on the screen can move around. By using the second it is possible to zoom and rotate the object. Precise finger tracking via the Kinect 3D-sensor allows to manipulate not only objects but also icons, images and videos on the screen. Multi-touch applications can be controlled by both hands and gestures  of the fingers without touching the surface of the display. This natural  user interface software enables also finger- and hand-tracking of  multiple users at the same time. A huge variety of applications in  gaming, consumer electronics, office, education, point of sale and medical systems can be controlled by touchless gestures in an  intuitive way. more

I-VOLUCE Multi-touch Screen in Action 

The I-VOLUCE offers gesture control on a brilliant Full HD LCD screens up to a distance of 4m. The integrated 3D depth-sensing technology in combination with the intelligent gesture control software unleashes exciting possibilities for a multitude of applications.  The slim display-design enables large interactive installations in many  areas like office, retail, digital signage, exhibitions, gaming, museums and education. Get the optional plug & play design with WIN&I preinstalled on a high-performance PC. more

Application for Kinect controls Twitter


Evoluce delivered an 3D-Sensing software for Centric to be used in  their latest exhibition. “Twittering Shadows” allows that two users can  interact in a space in front of the Kinect sensor with messages coming  from a Twitter account. The users see themselves as a 2D avatar in in the colors black and  green. People can interact with the textboxes using gestures after they  have sent their idea in a tweet. If a person makes a special gesture  (touch the speech bubble) the last tweet is shown in the textbox. more

Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows

Evoluce released the WIN&I Media Viewer for Kinect for Windows. Users can present their images, videos, PowerPoint slides and  PDF pages with simple hand gestures. WIN&I Media Viewer is one of the first commercial applications for  Kinect for Windows. Users can show images and videos by browsing through galleries with a simple wave of the hand. WIN&I Media Viewer tracks gestures up to four meters from the screen and offers a new and exciting way to interact with the PC. Users can  take a look at the latest holiday photos or present product videos at the office. PowerPoint Slides and PDF pages can be controlled on any large format display with Kinect for Windows. WIN&I Media Viewer is easy to install and supports many standard image and video formats. more
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